Country Crossing

Country Crossing
Poetry of Thomas Martin

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Alltsaigh, Loch Ness - the Scotch Highlands

I made a pact with you near water's edge:
 Before the campers came, I would remove
 The drawings on the hostel's kitchen walls
 In which you are a few sad and patient tires
Half in some blued-out lake with dragon face
So patently fading to public white

. You said you would never come back up
 To startle us again or find disgrace…
 So you said going black under blue;

 I knew you would be back
 Sailing these spindrift waters
 Diving the bone-deep depths and taunting us
 Across the waves with your rippling spines,
 And flair for bumbling melodrama.
 Therefore, I have kept my watch
 And evenings, a blue sword in darkness,
 I look downward and slip off into the night

Copyright Thomas Martin,2006-2015

Published Sketch book--Spring 2010